It's been over 600 days since fans stepped foot into Lumen field but on Saturdays game that all changed. Covid restrictions were lifted before for the start of the pre season allowing the Seahawks to pack the stands with the 12th man.

Even though we lost the 12th man came out swinging, the crowd was roaring and cheering and it was just the dose of medicine we have been asking for. Not only did I go to my first Seahawks Game but it was the first time I saw what it was like up close and personal.

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Sure the Seahawks got creamed but what people don't quite get about this preseason is it's more like training camp than preseason. Since the Hawks didn't have a preseason to determine who would stay and who would go from the roster they decided to test them out on the field against real teams. This means all of the starters we know and love, D.K. Metcalf, Bobby Wagner, Russell Wilson etc. are chilling out on the benches until this season officially kicks off...(No Pun Intended.)

This means we're probably gonna get clobbered especially by teams like the Broncos that have their starting line up out on the field for pre season which almost seems ridiculous if you ask me. But I digress, the game itself was still an absolute blast, it's no joke that you can feel the rumbling of the stadium from the crowd screaming at the top of their lungs to prove even during the pre-season no one does it quite like the 12th man.

The only take away that's negative from when I went was how horrible the traffic was just trying to get to the stadium. The traffic directors were more lost that the out of towners trying to find the Gum Wall. We missed kick off but i wouldn't have traded my first game experience for the world. That's why you need to get out to a Seahawks game while you still can!

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Ryders first Seahawks Game

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