Brawny yet sweet, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has been entertaining audiences since the '90s.

The 44-year-old began as a crowd-pleasing professional wrestler in the WWE, where he famously dubbed himself The Rock, and coined several catchphrases that live on to this day. (Can you smell what The Rock is cooking?) Winning multiple championships and setting records, Dwayne became king of the ring.

His fame only grew when he left the ring for the silver screen. Playing heroes, villains and even the occasional tooth fairy (2010's Tooth Fairy, anyone?), Dwayne became known not only for his talents, but his heartthrob appeal.

He continues to keep himself fit with long sessions at the gym, and knows to turn up the style — from flashy appearances on HBO TV series Ballers to awards shows. We took a look through the beefcake's Instagram and chose our favorite photos.

See our picks for the best photos of The Rock above.

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