One of the local issues for the Tri-Cities included Franklin County's Criminal Justice Tax. The tax would impose $0.03 for every $10 people spend, in order to renovate the current county jail and the city police station. The county jail is currently built to hold roughly 100 people, but sometimes holds over 200.

Statewide, people in Washington voted on five issues; three initiatives and two resolutions. Initiative 1183 would remove state liquor stores and privatize liquor distribution. Initiative 1125 proposed that transportation toll amounts be voted on, and that money collected would only be used for funds related to transportation. Initiative 1163 required more training and background checks for homecare workers.

Resolution 8205 requires people to live in Washington for 30 days before being allowed to vote in the presidential election as Washington residents, and resolution 8206 was regarding balancing the state budget.

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