It's another Wet Nose Wednesday from our friends at Pet Overpopulation Prevention and we've got a sweet girl today that'll enchant you!

Meet Ella!

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Despite being a very young mom, Ella just completed a great job raising 4 healthy, beautiful babies. She is now ready for a forever home where she can finish her own childhood.

Ella is a petite grey and white longish-haired girl with unique markings. She is super playful and kittenish. She loves to run and play with any kind of string toys or laser light toys and can get pretty wacky!

She's very sweet and affectionate, talkative, and quite the kook. On a side note, she adores Temptation cat treats!

Ella hasn't been exposed to other cats, dogs, or kids. Ella has been spayed, vaccinated, and microchipped. Her adoption fee is $75 and includes a complimentary vet exam, coupons from Petsmart, and a gift bag from POPP.

If you're interested in giving Ella a home, please complete POPP's adoption questionnaire:

Ella would be a wonderful addition to your home and she's ready for adoption today!

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