A 27-year old woman is in jail charged with 2nd-Degree Assault after an incident last Friday night at a Pasco Bar.

Estefani Magdalena Ortiz was arrested Monday morning and booked into the Franklin County Jail for an alleged assault that took place at Kahlua's Bar on North 4th Avenue.

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Pasco Police were called to the disturbance just before midnight after an ambulance was requested for an unconscious woman who was bleeding. When officers arrived, they could not locate the victim. Bar employees attempted to keep Police from entering the establishment.

Dave Allen
Dave Allen

Eventually, the 30-year old victim was found at Trios Medical Center. She had a cut behind the ear and a knot on her head, with patches of hair pulled out, and glass in her hair. The victim told Police that she was knocked unconscious by Ortiz. The victim then came to in Kahlua's parking lot. She drove to Kennewick and had a friend drive her to the hospital.

Police spent the next couple of days looking for the suspect. On Monday morning, Ortiz called Police and made arrangements to meet with them. After further investigation, Ortiz was booked into the Frankin County Jail.

Officers who were at Kahlua’s on Friday night plan to provide the Washington State Liquor Control Board with observations they made at the bar, which was recorded on bodycam video.

If you were at Kahlua's Bar last Friday night and have any information about the assault, please call Pasco Police at 509-628-0333.

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