A good asset tracking system not only guards against equipment theft, tampering and misuse, it also proactively supports reporting and communications.

Tri Cities Tracking SystemDesigned for long term use with an over-sized battery and a back-up battery, GlobalTrac Heavy Equipment solutions enable site managers to track and monitor assets in real-time in urban, rural and remote locations.

GlobalTrac's L2000Temp assists in the protection of reefer trailers and high-value temperature sensitive contents with real-time alerts, temperature zone monitoring, and unlimited web-based data access.

Questions for the Tracking Device Expert:

Are GlobalTrac's Product Specialists are all in-house?

Tracking and reporting are web-based, on the cloud. what kind of storage do they have?
Unlimited storage

Why do drivers like these products?
They offer revolutionary field service productivity tool that allows employees in the field to seamlessly communicate with dispatchers in the office. Driver acts as a 2-way communication portal. Mobile workers are able to receive their daily stops and routes, get directions, update their status, send messages, use custom forms, and clock in/out for work.

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