I finally DID IT! I took the plunge and bought one! I've been investigating it for years! I'm so excited! Many of you know that I've been suffering with back pain for quite some time now! The culprit I think, is leaning and straining over a studio counter to reach three different computer screens at odd angles while I'm on the air!As active as I am with dancing, horse riding, and hauling music gear, I seriously can NOT be bothered by a painful back! (Especially since I refuse to take any kind of medication) So, I'm going to try something new!

Appealing to the gymnast in me, I also thought it looked wildly FUN! And the whole 'Inversion' aspect was alluring! I can't wait to receive it in the mail!

They were so nice and helpful on the phone and helped me figure out just what I would need! And being that Tone Cardenas is a PT made me confident that he knows what he's talking about!

I'm learning more and more about the health benefits of the Omni Yoga Swing!
Watch the Video and check back for my next Video when I get mine!

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