Beloved Radio Personality Faith Martin rescued a group of stranded Seahawk fans traveling from Tri-Cities to Seattle on I-90 Snoqualmie Pass after their Seahawk Party Bus Crashed into a semi yesterday and safely delivered them to the game!

I spoke with Faith this am and here's what happened:

I️ had turned off my car because traffic was at a standstill. I️ was stuck on the pass heading back to Seattle (after playing Music in Yakima Sat night) so I️ was texting a friend about a camper for sale and he said his sister was in the bus accident that was just ahead and holding up traffic.  She needed a ride or would miss the game and have to sit on the bus for who knows how long because there was an Eastbound accident as well and they closed that side too. So when the traffic started moving again, she and I️ were on the phone and I️ said I’d pick her up. She ask d if I️ had more room to take others, so I️ shuffled gear around and the 3 cute boys all scrunched in the back. Then I️ found out who they all were! And I️ knew two of them and they all knew me, because they grew up listening to me on the radio.
No one was injured in the accident and Mark Blotz refused to leave the bus because some people still didn’t have rides so he passed up rides to stay with the people staying on the bus. It was no fault of the driver it was just pure ice on the pass.
I️ dropped my crew off at the game and they were just a little late.
It was fun to hear their stories and they were all sweet and appreciative. It was a pleasure to pick them up and no hardship to me in any way, so it’s not like it was a big deal for me. Seriously it was my pleasure and made my drive less boring !

I-90 bus crash

All I can say is we Love you Faith and Miss you and if I'm ever stranded I hope you rescue me!

Here's her post from Facebook yesterday:

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