Washington State Unleashes Ingenious Tactic Against Porch Pirates

As the holiday season approaches, porch pirates are out in force in Washington State.

credit: pasco police department
credit: pasco police department

New Porch Pirate Prevention Program Pops Up In Richland Washington

I recently noticed that the Richland Washington Police Department started a new program that I think should go statewide for all police departments.

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Richland Police posted this statement on their Facebook page:

In an effort to help deter package thefts from doorsteps and porches during this busy holiday season, the Richland Police Department has deployed "Operation Porch Pirate". In partnership with Richland community members, #RPD has deployed GPS tracking devices in a variety of containers to include fake packages, bicycles, etc. on neighborhood doorsteps, equipped with the technology to catch whomever tries swipe them.

I LOVE this idea. Porch Pirates have no shame and I hope this new program is a success.

Richland porch pirate (Richland Police)
Richland porch pirate (Richland Police)

Here Are Five Ways Not Be A Victim Of A Porch Pirate In Washington State

I'd love to see other Washington law enforcement agencies put this into effect. "Operation Porch Pirate" could be the deterrent to keep packages during the holiday season.

Here are five other ways you can avoid being a victim of a porch pirate:

  1. Install Security Cameras:
    • Visible security cameras act as a deterrent and can help identify thieves if an incident occurs.
  2. Use Package Lockers:
    • Consider using package lockers or delivery boxes that require a code to access. Some companies and services offer secure drop-off locations.
  3. Require Signature on Delivery:
    • Choose delivery options that require a signature upon receipt, ensuring that packages are handed directly to someone at your address.
  4. Deliver to an Alternate Location:
    • If possible, have packages delivered to your workplace or a trusted neighbor who is usually at home during the day.
  5. Opt for In-Store Pickup:
    • Many retailers offer the option to order online and pick up your items in-store. This eliminates the risk of porch theft.

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