8 years ago, Bill Walker, who was 69 at the time, was killed by a pipe bomb in Moses Lake. Now, his family has teamed with Crime Stoppers, and hoping a $10K reward will breathe new life into this unsolved murder, as well as another similar crime hours later.

KNDU-TV reports in August 2008 Walker found a battery charger outside his home. When he plugged it in to see if it worked, it exploded, killing him at the scene.  Then less than 24 hours later, 53-year-old Javier Adame was killed by a similar bomb hidden inside a police scanner.

His girlfriend had found it outside Adame's home, and he brought it inside. When he turned it on, it exploded, killing him.

Moses Lake police and Grant County officials had ATF and FBI agents examine the bombs, what was left, and found they were very sophisticated, and built likely by the same person as they had exactly the same construction. And they were powerful, containing plenty of packed explosives and material to kill anyone within a close distance.

They were hidden purposely inside items that people would curiously want to turn on and see if they work, and designed so when they were plugged in or turned on, they exploded.  Despite exhaustive investigations, no suspects were ever identified. A series of fund raisers has now resulted in the $10K reward, the family of Walker and Adame hope somebody will provide a lead to crack the case.

Anyone with any details can call Crime Stoppers in Grant County at 800-222-8477. All leads are confidential.


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