Finley's FFA Chapter (Future Farmers of America) Is helping out a local non-profit agency with a $1,200 National grant FFA Living to Serve Grant. The students have banded together to build bunk beds to fill a need for Mo's Place.

Credit: Mo's Place Facebook Page.
Credit: Mo's Place Facebook Page.

Mo's Place, supports foster families throughout the Tri-Cities area, Walla Walla, and surrounding areas by networking. Mo's Place provides emergency support and resources for foster children and families in need.

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According to a press release:

The Finley chapter of FFA is addressing an important community need with help from a $1,200 National FFA Living to Serve Grant. In the foster care community, it can be difficult to place siblings together with foster families due to limited space in the home. Working with Mo’s Place, a local nonprofit that assists foster children and families, FFA students discovered that bunkbeds could help solve the issue.

“We provide the foster families with the resources and supplies they need to take placement of a sibling set,” explains Mo’s Place co-founder Stephynie Gordon. “Currently, we only have twin beds and that is not often an option for our families who have limited space. Having sets of bunk beds on hand would be amazing and help so many families.”

Credit: Finley FFA
Credit: Finley FFA

The Finley FFA group will use the grant funds to purchase all the supplies to construct two bunk-bed units and donate them to Mo's Place. The Finley FFA group will complete the project at River View High School and deliver the final product to Mo's Place in June.

For more information about the project, please contact Finley FFA Chapter Advisor Ronnie Bush at or call (509) 582-2158 ext. 4500.

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