An overnight fire destroyed a Yakima County home early Tuesday morning. Firefighters were called to the single-story home at 1300 Ashue Road at about 12:30 am.

Credit: Yakima County Fire District #5 Facebook.

Upon arrival, Yakima County firefighters found the home engulfed in fire from the basement to the attic. Firefighters determined no one was in the home. They found the floor was compromised as was the roof. Due to safety reasons, firefighters opted to let the structure burn.

Credit: Yakima County Fire District #5 Facebook.

The property was recently tagged, "Do not occupy" by Yakima County Code Enforcement. The home is owned by Devin Menard and the loss is estimated at $120,000.

Credit: Yakima County Fire District #5 Facebook.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation. It's believed to have started outside the home and spread quickly into the basement.

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Both the State Fire Marshal's Office and the Yakima County Sheriff's Office were notified as the cause of the fire was deemed suspicious.

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