After the 'Matrix' trilogy, Keanu Reeves became synonymous with stylized martial arts goodness, so it's no surprise that his directorial debut is all about tough men kicking the snot out of each other. The first trailer and poster for 'Man of Tai Chi' have arrived and if you're the kind of person who likes movies where shirtless men punch each other across rooms, you're going to want to check 'em out.

The trailer is barely official -- it was used to help sell the film at the Beijing International Film Festival -- but it gives us a glimpse of a movie that's chock full of all kinds of martial arts action. The plot remains a little incomprehensible at this time (something about an underground ring of fighters or...something), but the trailer is all about choreographer Yuen Woo-ping's and star Tiger Hu Chen's killer movies. Well, it's also about Reeves' amazingly, lovably stilted line delivery.

'Man of Tai Chi' doesn't have a North American release date yet, but sit tight. It's hard to imagine this one not popping up here eventually.

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