With a huge line of people waiting to get into Ross Dress for Less in Kennewick yesterday, it's no doubt that everyone misses shopping. We asked our Facebook audience to names stores that you or or parents shopped at that no longer exist...wow what a list!

Regan says Price Chopper: my parents loved the 12 days of Christmas coupons. Would buy extra newspapers for them!

Lesslie comments: I think it used to be called Montgomery Ward and was a department store like Sears

From Deanna: Prairie Market, Jacks Bargain Barn, Grants, Anitas, Carls Shoes...wow that brings back some fond memories

Nicholas: Crazy mikes video store

Danni: Waremart....the original WinCo

Diane: Grants, Newberry's, Nicole and Dime, Wards, all the good ones.

Ashley: Kmart,Sunburst, Payless

Rachelle: IGA, Crescent Drug, and Giant T , oh and Mayfair are all long gone.

Faith: The Squire Shop... got the best buckle jean's there.

Norbert: Freddie's grocery store

Tessa: IGA, Sprouse Ritz, KMart, Blockbuster

Tammy: Sunshine Grocery Store

Jennel: Mervyn's

Sara: Montgomery Wards

Woolworth's got several mentions also.

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