Franklin County Sheriff's Department posted a picture of a flipped car over the weekend.

The Sheriff's Department is still looking for the driver of the vehicle but the comments on how the car got flipped are pure gold on social media.

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Here are some of the best comments from the Facebook page posting that had us busting a gut this morning. Here are some of the comments we thought were pretty funny:

The way people park around here just boggles the mind, guess they never learned how to color inside the lines and now that is how they park

Valet parking like a boss, they take lessons from the Connell cops climbing the phone lines?

I thought a parking spot at the fair was expensive.

Did they forget to turn off their lights after parking, because that will run down the battery?

Some people will go to extreme measures to charge their EVs.

That's the "I'll claim it when I'm sober in the morning, kinda park job"

Hate it when people park like a#%holes

Couldn't find a meter, here's three bucks

Points for creativity. But a deduction for over-rotation on the landing...

Speculation is rampant on the Franklin County Sheriff's Department Facebook page and the Department is still looking for the driver.

The cops have no idea how the car got there but I'd sure love to hear the story behind this one.

I'm sure it's to award them a trophy on their park job *wink *wink. You can read more of the social media comments here.

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