Washington and Oregon Will Be Experiencing Flood Warnings Due To Heavy Rains

It's December and we are usually talking about snowfall during this time but this week expect parts of Oregon and Washington State to get heavy rainfall causing flood warnings alerts throughout the states.

'Road Floods During Rain' warning sign against overcast sky in the rain.

Seattle and Portland Could Receive As Much Rain In Six Days As They Get Monthly

Accueweather.com is predicting an atmospheric river that'll keep pushing rain through the Pacific Northwest that'll be creating warmer temperatures that'll lead to snow melting in the higher elevations like the Cascades that have road crews on the watchout for avalanches.

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Seattle and Portland already get a healthy dose of rain monthly but both cities are looking at additional rainfall of 3-6 inches. Astoria Oregon could see an additional eight inches of rain over the week of December 3rd through December 9th.

Closeup of high water flooding on neighborhood street.

Accuweather is reporting that flooded roadways, travel disruptions, and rock and mudslides from Northwest California to western Washington could be a problem for travelers over the week.

Both Seattle and Portland averaged 5 inches of rain in December but both cities could see double or triple that in a few short days.

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For our weather junkies, an Atmospheric River (AR) is a long, narrow band of highly concentrated water vapor in the atmosphere. These rivers in the sky are responsible for transporting large amounts of moisture across vast distances.

Flood watches and advisories have been enacted across various counties in Washington and Oregon over the coming week so if you are traveling or living in the affected areas, it's always best to check your local weather before you hit the road.

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