Partly because many races only featured one candidate, Franklin County lack the drama of Benton.

Voter results so far North of the Columbia River:

Franklin County reports 8.473 votes counted, with none left, according to the Auditor's site

In the Pasco City Council Blanche Barajas is running unopposed with 98 percent of the vote, the rest to write-ins.

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Another council race, Nikki Torres is leading Leo A, Perales 51-48 percent. Strong voice Pete Serrano is running unopposed, and has 97 percent. The rest went to write-in candidates.

In the PSD School Board Steve Christensen is leading Christine Ledesma by a margin of 72 to 26 percent.

PSD member Steve Simmons ran unopposed getting 98 percent. The only competitive PSD school board race is Amy Freeman Phillips leading Michelle Andres 55-43 percent.

A number of Connell, Othello, Kahlotus and other races for council and school boards had candidates running unopposed, incumbents.

  Franklin County appears to have counted all it's votes.


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