Since March 29, Franklin County Deputies have been searching for 54-year-old Estella Torres, after she disappeared from her North Franklin County home.

She was reported missing by a family member, her husband and one of her sons are believed to have killed her and disposed of her body, which has yet to be found. Officials now say they believe her body is somewhere in or very close to Connell. Several extensive searches, however, failed to turn it up.

Tiburcio Larios Rodriguez (husband) and Clemente Rodriguez-Torres (son) are believed to be in Mexico now, as the suspects have a home there. The FBI is handling the investigation due to it involving Mexico. They are working to find them and bring them back here. Her SUV  was found shortly after her disappearance, blood was inside the vehicle. One of her other sons was arrested in July, but a lack of evidence forced prosecutors to release him.


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