The Pacific Northwest is no stranger to gaming, known for hosting Seattle Pax, which is a gaming convention, multiple studios that develop games are located in Seattle and Bellvue, not to mention some games are even set in Washington State.

So go figure Washington would be filled with gamers in the year 2022 and still growing. We wanted to take a look and see what the most popular games were in Washington state. To do this we took a look at the last five years and saw the most played game for each of them. The list may shock you, or not if you're a hardcore gamer.

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5.) Spider-Man 2018

It wasn't the First Spider-Man game ever released, but it was definitely one of the best. Washington state showed up in a top ten list in 2018 for the most people in a state to play Spider-Man, easily making it one of the most popular games in the PNW for 2018

4.) Dota 2 2019

Dota 2 was the much-awaited sequel to the original game Dota, which stood for Defense of the Ancients. It's a mass multiplayer online game also known as an MMO. Dota 2 crushed expectations worldwide so it was no surprise to see it come in as the number one most played game of 2019

3.) Call Of Duty 2020

During the Covid Pandemic, Call of Duty saw a major influx of players again. People were being forced to stay home instead of going to work so people invested in gaming. Call Of Duty has been around since the early 2000s and struck gold this year with its online Battle Royal game Warzone. Not only was Modern Warfare a hit in Washington, but Warzone was being called worldwide the best battle royal available. It's for sure earned its spot as one of the most played games in Washington in 2020

2.) Among Us 2021

Among us is a puzzle game that everyone seemed to have fallen in love with. The idea is you were out in space with a crew, but one of you was a killer. Using your best detective skills you would have to try and figure out who was the killer among you before they were the only ones left. Washington actually showed up as a top state that played this game in 2021.

1.) Elden Ring 2022

Elden Ring has been hailed as one of the greatest games of all time, just recently being released in 2022, people dedicated hours on hours of play time racking up nearly 7.5 hours a day of time in the game. That's people spending as much time on a video game as others spend at a job. The game itself is an action role-playing game with the entire story written by world-famous George R.R. Martin, the same man who wrote Game of Thrones. The story itself left players addicted to the game so it came as no surprise to see it was the most played game in Washington for 2022.

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