Whether you are a fan of the song or not, their is no escaping the 'Gangnam Style' phenomenon created by South Korean musician Psy. When you get down to it, it's really just 'The Macarena 2K12'. Random and weird noises to make a beat, lyrics in a different language, all put to a silly dance. Americans eat it up. There are countless parody's online and I can almost guarantee that you will see at least one 'Gangnam Style' costume this Halloween. It was even a topic on the most recent Halloween episode of Comedy Central's South Park featuring GangnamStein, a Gangnam Style-Frankenstein hybrid.

With all the fun that has been created by this worldwide phenomenon, one man is using it as a tool to speak out against his government.

The video shows Chinese dissident and world renowned artist Ai Weiwei dancing to the popular song using the rodeo-style dance moves, but this particular parody video was quickly banned and blocked from Chinese websites due to its message. According to The Lede blog in The New York Times, Weiwei "calls his version 'Grass-Mud Horse Style,' a reference to a Chinese Internet meme that employs a pun on an obscene phrase to mock government censorship of the Web." Basically, Ai Weiwei is saying F-you to the Chinese government.

Due to the fact that Ai Weiwei is playing around with explicit Chinese phrases, this video may be considered offensive to some.

He was already banned from leaving his home country of China back in June, we will see what other punishments he may receive after his latest move. One thing is for sure, Ai Weiwei will never be sorry for pushing back on the oppressive Chinese government and will continue expressing himself and his thoughts through different mediums in hopes of change.

[Via NPR]