I was recently wine tasting at Goose Ridge Winery in Richland when I had the privilege of meeting artist Chris Blevins. I was there to pick up my friends wine club order and we decided to taste some of the wonderful wines. Chris Blevins was there doing the same and why not we live in wine country and what else is there to do on a Saturday afternoon.

It turns out Chris is the Artist on the wine club bottles of wine, bonus she autographed all of my friends bottle of wine! We also found out about Chris's 'Wine and Water Colors' classes she holds at Goose Ridge. Maybe it was the wine tasting samples talking but my friend and I signed up for the January 8th class and were doing a water color called 'Northern Lights' The picture above is Chris's inspiration for us. I'll let you know how mine turns out. I was told we can use what ever colors we want. (Note) I have never done a water color in my life should be interesting.

PS: I think there is room in the Jan. 8th class click here for info.

(Frosty Vines at Goose Ridge by Stacy Lee)

Here is a photo of the grape vines at Goose Ridge  during the frost.