A new survey by Me to You reveals that 10% of couples will argue over disappointing gifts this year. Other findings say-:

38% of people say 'it's the thought that counts' when it comes to gifts

 22% of couples stopped speaking last year because they were given a present they considered to be completely thoughtless.

 20% of husbands and wives have fought with a partner in previous years because they wasted too much money on a completely pointless gift.

 When it comes to present buying, 10% of people want something BIG, while 11% want something 'expensive'.

40% of people would like a present from their partner that shows they know them inside out, while 36% want a gift that shows proof that their partner cares.

17% of people say their partner has been in trouble in previous years for giving them no present at all.

20% of women will complain if they don't like a gift. Only 15% of men will do the same.

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