This just confirms what we've known all along: Ladies of all ages love Ed Sheeran.

A little girl goes absolutely nuts when her parents reveal they're taking her to see the recently departed-from-Twitter pop star perform in Montreal, in the video up top. (Do yourself a favor and turn down the volume, because she goes supersonic.)

The family is on what seems like nothing more than a routine car trip (complete with the requisite "Are we there yet?" and "I have to go to the bathroom" declarations) when things take an exciting detour. Led to believe her folks couldn't get tickets to see the "Castle on the Hill" singer (note that the song is playing in the car when they break the news to her), the girl is resigned to disappointment only to have her broken heart patched back up when her mother lets her know that they are in fact going to Montreal to see Sheeran, like, right now.

And then there's shrieking. Lots and lots of shrieking. (Bonus points to the parents, too, for also getting their daughter into the meet and greet.)

We're going to assume she had the time of her life at the show.

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