You had me at TACO!

Oh sure, I eat plenty of fast food tacos. But food truck tacos also have a wonderful place in my life too! I have my favorites, like Laura's Tacos, parked by the convenience store on Rd. 28 and W. Sylvester in Pasco. I also like the one behind the car wash on 4th St. in Kennewick, I forget the name. There's also one just down the street from the radio station studio. Quite frankly, there are a bunch that I haven't tried that I know are excellent from word of taco-filled mouth. So I'll put Golden Taco on my list of food trucks to visit soon. They have a Facebook page and are set up at 272 Wellsian Way in Richland.

This is our Menu daily and Saturday and Sunday's we have Tamales and Champurrado (Champurrado is a chocolate-based atole, and/or hot and thick Mexican beverage). Seasonal...

Posted by Golden Taco Mexican Kitchen on Sunday, January 3, 2021

What are your favorite taco or food trucks? I'm making a list and I'm taking suggestions. Tell me where the food's at on our app!

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