The Goonies is perhaps one of the most memorable films of the ’80s. For a long time, no one thought a sequel would ever be possible. That is until Gail Berman was able to pull some strings at Disney+.

The new series is tentatively titled Our Time. The dream team that was director Richard Donner, producer Stephen Spielberg, and writer Chris Columbus came together to create what some consider one of the greatest adventure films of all time. It would be nearly impossible to catch that kind of lightning in a bottle again.

Unfortunately, it would seem that the death of Richard Donner in 2021 would make a Goonies revival next to impossible after multiple attempts to launch a sequel through the years. At first, the cast wasn’t interested. Then, Spielberg couldn’t come up with a new story he was happy with. So Berman decided that the best bet would be to do essentially a shot-for-shot remake, with a frame story discussing the exploits of Astoria’s Goonies gang.

In a new interview with Variety, Berman revealed some new details about what to expect from The Goonies TV show:

When I was at Paramount, there were these young boys doing this movie about Raiders of the Lost Ark, a shot-by-shot remake. It got some press at the time, and the studio was very upset about it. I thought it was an amazing idea, and it always stood in my head of — how can you take an idea like that and turn it into a TV series? ... The series is a story of a town and a family in the lens of Friday Night Lights, and within that they tell a story of a shot-by-shot remake of The Goonies. We had to go to Warner Bros., to Toby Emmerich, and ask if we could have rights [to The Goonies]. They said yes, obviously, because of Mr. Spielberg and the Donners. We’re now doing this for Disney Plus.

As of now, there's really no word on the timeline for the upcoming Goonies series. That being said, it should be entering pre-production soon now that everything's sorted. And hopefully we’ll see it eventually on Disney+.

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