A school employee complained of a man acting suspiciously, and a gas station employee reported they had also seen the man acting suspiciously.

The next thing the Prosser Police knew, they were investigating a viral Facebook photo with a picture of the man in his silver truck with the caption: "!! If you see this man, LEAVE ASAP!! He's been following girls around in Prosser and is believed to be a sex trafficker! Please be aware of your surroundings !!"

Police did locate the man, and are now trying to educate the public that he has done nothing wrong, broken no laws, is not under any suspicion or investigation and is not believed to be in any way involved with sex trafficking.

While it was wise and helpful for local residents to be looking out for their kids and while "be aware of your surroundings" is ALWAYS good advice, police are urging caution.

Suspicious activity should be reported to police but after reporting it and warning others, refrain from making assumptions and accusations against strangers in writing. Were he to lose his job or apartment because of the rumor he might have grounds to sue the person who shared his photo for libel.


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