When I was a kid growing up in Butte, Montana, my next-door neighbors were strange.

Dennis was the kid my age in that house, and we played together often. He was fairly quiet, reserved, and never wanted to go home when he was over at my house. He never talked about what went on in his house. I probably wouldn't have believed him if he told me. I just didn't grow up that way. Apparently, I am one of the lucky ones when I hear about stories like what happened to this woman the other morning in Kennewick.

 One day I was over at Dennis's house because his parents weren't home, and that's when he felt the most comfortable, I know now. But his father came home early and he was mad. Dennis had apparently done something, or maybe he did nothing. But he made him stand at the top of the stairs and he kicked him hard and made him tumble down. I was scared to death. I ran home and never told anyone. But I was only 7 or 8 years old and didn't know what to do. And although I never saw bruises on Dennis's mother, I am sure they were there. At least psychologically. Dennis's father was your classic abuser. People like this don't spend enough time in jail in my opinion. Hopefully, the man that Kennewick Police arrested in the story below will spend a lot of years there. But I doubt it and that's too bad.

On Sunday, January 31st at approximately 0811 hours, Kennewick Police Officers were dispatched to a welfare check...

Posted by Kennewick Police Department on Sunday, January 31, 2021


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