Earlier today prior to 11 AM, reports were heard that shots had been fired at Hanford, namely in the area of the Washington River Protection Services building or the 2750E Building.

 Benton County Sheriff's Department says nothing found

The BCSO, who handles law enforcement duties at the Hanford area, had been searching this building and elsewhere for several hours, but so far found no victims or evidence of shots fired.

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An empty vehicle with a rifle in it was found, but it is not known if this is related to the issue this morning.

   Reports were issued about  200 E and WRPS building workers being told to lockdown due to allegations of shots fired earlier in the day.

Around 10:40 AM is when the first reports came in.  Some workers and sources say they received messages on their phones about being prepared to lock down or "run, hide or fight."

However, the building was cleared, around 11:28 AM the BCSO said the building search was completed, and nothing was found, including no evidence of shots being fired.

A check of the hanford.gov Hanford area website didn't show any updates or information about the shooting reports.

More searches are taking place, we will update you with any new information.


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