Uh oh. We all know Harry Styles of One Direction loves cougars, but apparently not everyone is okay with that. Like, say, a certain cougar’s husband. Yikes!

Apparently when Harry was 17, he met radio DJ Lucy Horobin when he and his bandmates were guests on her show. One thing led to another, and soon enough, Harry apparently bedded Horobin … who was married.

Horobin and her husband were separated at the time, reportedly going through a rough patch — but her husband, Oliver, with whom she’s since reconciled, is still mad as hell.

“Harry is a rat. Since his fling with Lucy has been ­revealed, he’s been hailed a hero –- an innocent lad who just happens to like older women,” Oliver reportedly told a pal (via The Daily Mirror). “Teenage boys look up to him. Teenage girls want to be with him.” The pal insisted, “To ­Oliver, Harry is just a spoilt little rich kid who does — whatever he wants, when he wants — no ­matter the consequences. Just because Harry is young doesn’t mean he is some innocent victim being hunted down by older women. In Oliver’s eyes, it’s the women who need to be careful. And men need to be on their guard.”

To which we say that, to be fair, Harry wasn’t the one who was married — Lucy was.

Apparently Harry was the aggressor, according to Horobin’s radio colleagues. “It was Harry who asked for Lucy’s number. She was ­feeling low about the state of her marriage –- it seemed a bit of fun,” the co-worker dished. “He pursued Lucy. It was him who did a lot of the running, sending flirty texts and messages on Twitter. Eventually, after all the flirting they ended up at a hotel. It was the talk of the radio station.” Again, Harry was not the married one in this fling. Lucy was. Just a point!

Though Oliver and Horobin’s relationship is now “stronger than ever,” Oliver still has it out for Harry. But for his part, Harry actually does sound pretty innocent in the infidelity. A pal of Styles told The Mirror, “To him it was clear Lucy had separated from her husband. He had no idea she was still married.”

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