The bright orange truck in the photo is the subject of a recent theft. Kennewick Police report the truck was stolen between 12/2 and 12/9 of last year.

It shouldn't be too hard to spot, and one person responded on the KPD Facebook page that they've seen it traveling on the 240 bypass highway into West Richland.

If YOU see the truck, please call Kennewick Police at 509-628-0333.

A special reminder from the police, don't leave your vehicle unattended when warming it up. Criminals see this as a prime opportunity to hop in and drive away with it. In fact, leaving your vehicle running unattended is against the law and you may be ticketed.

**20-48490** **Stolen Vehicle**

Be on the lookout for the truck in the photo! This truck was stolen at some point...

Posted by Kennewick Police Department on Sunday, January 3, 2021

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