Over the weekend I was watching a new HBO documentary that highlights the death of over 8,000 people in the spring of 2014. I was not prepared when the documentary covered -- in graphic detail -- the murder suicide of two Kennewick children last June.

The documentary is called "REQUIEM FOR THE DEAD: AMERICAN SPRING 2014."

The Kate and Ethan Austin case was discussed in graphic detail -- so much so that I cried my eyes out. According to HBO here is the synopsis of the film:

Whether by homicide, accident or suicide, a wide cross-section of Americans – men and women, young and old, from every racial background – are victims and perpetrators of gun violence. With images from social media postings, frantic 911 calls, police reports and videos, each story is hauntingly laid out through the unmediated expressions that remain. REQUIEM FOR THE DEAD places the viewer in victims’ and their families’ lives, capturing the shock and grief felt by their loved ones as the survivors are left to make sense of the horrific events.

This is definitely worth watching and very eye-opening. But bring your tissues.