First responders are life-savers. Whether in law enforcement, fire or medical service, or emergency management, these people are specifically trained to handle dangerous situations.

It could be an accident, a natural disaster due to weather, or even terrorism. First responders are on the scene to assist victims of traumatic incidents.

It's nice when we can give recognition to some of our local first responders.  I came across the following while scrolling Facebook.

A young man's life was saved thanks to the quick thinking and actions of the Umatilla County Dispatch staff.  Way to go, TEAM!

Every day, our dispatch staff does a great job for our citizens. Critical incidents like this are just one example of...

Posted by Umatilla County Sheriff's Office on Friday, November 27, 2020

We're in a pandemic. People are getting sick. We're told to mask up to slow the spread, to keep our distance at least 6 feet from others, and no large gatherings These days, our safety is uncertain. Thank a first responder.

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