Another Pasco Shelter Dog Is Being Featured On The Dodo

We mentioned last week that one of the Pasco shelter dogs went viral after they were adopted and now another shelter dog in Pasco is becoming a viral celebrity thanks to


The Dodo is a worldwide sensation website that shares inspirational stories and videos around the world of animals both big and small making us smile and cry. I'm a huge fan of theirs and they never fail to post some amazing stories and videos

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Mac was one such dog at the Tri-Cities Animal Shelter who spent over 70 days at the shelter but Mac did something so heartwarming to potential adopters, that she caught the attention of her new family and the world.

Thanks to Julie Saraceno and her Instagram account, Mac's plight went worldwide and the world took notice. As potential adopters would pass Mac's cage at the Tri-Cities Animal Shelter, she'd put her paws out and hold hands with people passing by.

It didn't take long before Mac's big brown eyes and videos caught the eye of a family living in Montana. Mac has since been adopted but her story lives on in the videos provided by Julie Saraceno on her Instagram page.

instragram/julie saraceno
instragram/julie saraceno

Check Out These Amazing Videos Of Shelter Dog Mac At Their New Home

There's nothing more beautiful than a happy ending and seeing the video of Mac frolicking with the horses and her new sibling is the best thing you'll see on the internet today.

It's pretty amazing that The Dodo has managed to pick up videos on two great Tri-Cities adoptable pooches and that both found happy endings. You can also check out more animals at the Tri-Cities Animal Shelter here and check out The Dodo's page here.

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