A parent's worst nightmare! Shut the drivers side door thinking you'll then open the back door to get your child out, and realize you've locked the keys in the car!

Police had to break the window of a frantic mother in Pasco who accidentally locked the keys in the car, before she'd had the chance to get her child out!

With the hot Tri-Cities sun and near triple digit temps, a child or a pet, can become overheated in a matter of a few minutes! It is a life threatening situation! and, luckily this mother immediately called police!

Each year kids and pets are quietly resting in an air conditioned vehicle when the driver may step out to run an errand and forget they have a sleeping child in back. Or get distracted by someone in a store or something!

Anything like that could happen to any one of us! Or we could accidentally lock the keys in the car! So...Here's a big reminder. Take precautions now, so that doesn't happen to you or someone you love!

Storing a 'hide a key' could be a life saver in some cases! And a good idea is, if you have a child or pet in the back seat, be sure to place a needed item (your purse or something) so you HAVE to look in the back seat!

This way, you won't leave a quiet pet or child in the backseat if distracted.

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