We thought these were pretty interesting like  #4 The Hungry Hungry Hippos are named Happy, Henry, Harry and Homer.

Here's the entire list:

1. Critics first called Twister "sex in a box."
2. Candyland was invented for kids bed ridden by polio.
3. Mr. Rogers poured the wax that made the 100 billionth crayon.
4. The Hungry Hungry Hippos are named Happy, Henry, Harry and Homer.
5. The rock em sock em robots are named red rocker and blue bomber.
6. Government Issue Joe is G.I. Joe's full name.
7. Koosh balls are named for the sound they make when they hit your hand.
8. The Slinky is the official state toy of Pennsylvania.
9. The teddy bear is the official state toy of Mississippi.
10. The name "Teddy" comes from Teddy Roosevelt refusing to shoot a bear.
11. Similar story happened with William Howard Taft and a possum but Billy Possum never caught on.
12. A man served 1.5 years for making counterfeit beanie babies.
13. Care Bears started as illustrations to help sell greeting cards.
14. Teddy Ruxbin was designed by a Disney engineer.
15. Cabbage Patch Dolls come from Babyland General Hospital in Cleveland, Georgia.
16. Cabbage Patch kids had mechanical jaws so they can chew.
17. The radio flyer wagon got its name from our two greatest achievements, people flying and the radio.
18. The first toy ever advertised on television was Mr. Potato Head.
19. At first Mr. Potato head was an actual potato.
20. Mr. Potato Head is the official travel ambassador to Rhode Island.
21. Captain Kangaroo helped make Play Doh get popular.
22. Play Doh started as wallpaper cleaner.
23. The toddler push phone was updated with buttons and lights but then people complained and it was put out the next year with rotary dial once again.
24. The magic eight ball contains a 20 sided die.
25. Nerf's first slogan "Nerf, you can't hurt babies or old people."
26. The Easy Bake Oven was inspired by NYC street vendors.
27. Queen Elizabeth II has a rubber ducky in her bathtub.
28. Silly String is used to find trip wire in the dark.
29. The viewmaster flashcards were used during war times.
30. Silly Putty is a failed military application.
31. The pet rock inventor became a multi millionaire in 6 months.
32. Sugar Ray used to be called Shrinky Dinks until Milton Bradley sued them for it.
33. Sea Monkeys were not monkeys and did not come from the sea.