The New I-Phone is set for release this week and there is one I-Phone feature that you might not be aware of and it could save your life.

If you have an I-phone, turn it on but don't unlock it. At the unlock screen, it says "Emergency" which I always thought just allowed you to make an emergency 911 call, but it does more.

If you load your medical ID info in there, if you ever are unconscious or have a heart attack or whatever, someone can find your info. Your name, allergies, medications, and emergency contact numbers.

When you tap "Emergency" a dial screen will open and at the bottom left it'll say *Medical ID"

So to set it up, open the Health icon, the one with the heart. At the bottom right, tap Medical ID and enter your info.

That's a pretty cool feature and I'm sure most folks are unaware of it but if you get into trouble, it could save your life so now you know!


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