The weed commonly known as spurge has gone crazy in the Mid-Columbia this year. It has always haunted our lawns and gardens, but it's worse for some reason this year. Some say it's due to the irrigation water, others say it's because of the unusually hot summer. Either way, this nasty weed has to go! And you don't even need a lawn to have it invade your property, a sidewalk or gravel area will do this nasty little guy just fine. It can grow anywhere, in beautiful lawns or in a crack in the pavement. They pull up easily but are quick to return as they lay seeds everywhere. I think everyone I've talked to about spurge is amazed at how fast it grows. It won't be there one day, and the next day it will be 6 to 10 inches in diameter. This stuff is especially bad for livestock as it is poisonous! That goes for humans too. There are several products on the market to help you keep your spurge population down. Make sure the weed control you are using mentions spurge on the label and includes a pre-emergent for those darned seeds. Below you will find a couple of helpful YouTube videos I found. One of them helps you identify the difference between the very poisonous spurge and an edible weed that looks similar. There are also different kinds of spurge, ours is the low-growing spurge. But spurge can be tall growing also! No, thank you on the tall stuff! Good luck with your battle...I've been losing mine so far.



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