It's one of the busiest intersections in Richland and Roasters was prepared to take over the location at 590 W. Gage Blvd from the now-closed gas station but it looks like those plans have hit a snag.

The Department Of Ecology believes there to be a potential of contamination to the soil from the gigantic gas drums and tanks that were below the gas station.

The findings are troubling for Roasters Owner Wes Heyden and so the odds of a new Roasters popping up at that location on Gage is pretty slim.

Circle K owns the lot and store and is shopping the property, hoping that a quick-service restaurant like subs or pizza will now be in the location of the now-defunct gas station.

At this time, it does appear that Roasters is walking away from the deal. You can read more details on the story here.    

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