Do you tip? As a former waiter, I always tip because I know the importance of it for the wait staff. 

When I was a waiter in the late '80s in high school, I was a waiter in a now-defunct family restaurant called Pioneer Pies. It wasn't fast food but similar to Denny's and Shari's.

The State Of Idaho Only Pays $3.35 An Hour For Its Server's Base Wage

I got paid $2.20 per hour and then depended on tips for my extra money. A lot of people don't realize that servers don't always get minimum wage depending on the state.

I worked in the state of Idaho and it still only pays $3.35 minimum because the minimum wage in Idaho is still $7.25.

As a server, you hope that your service is exceptional so you get a fair tip but it's not always guaranteed and you really are walking a tight rope depending on what restaurant you're working at.

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A Portland restaurant is going tip-free in hopes that a wage equity plan will help their staff which includes cooks and dishwashers can share in the profits of the restaurant.

A Tip-Less Tri-Cities Restaurant Would Automatically Add 20% To Your Bill

The eatery adds an automatic 22% percent to the bill and all employees benefit because the restaurant now offers medical and other benefits that normally wouldn't be available in a restaurant setting.

It got me thinking about Tri-Cities, would something like that work here?

I usually look at the bottom of my bill at a restaurant and it allows me to pick my tip level but I also like the idea of knowing what my total bill will be before going to a restaurant so I can prepare. It would be great to have it all-inclusive and not have the stress of dealing with the tip.

Would A Tri-Cities Tip-Less Restaurant Work?

In the past, no-tip restaurants haven't faired well because the owners pass on the cost of going tip-less to the consumer and customers won't pay for the elevated costs.

If there was a way to keep costs low and have a no-tip restaurant, I'd try it out at least once. There is something to be said for paying one price for a meal and not having to pay additional on the bill.

I just want to state that I'm a huge supporter of tipping because I know that many servers rely on their tips but a no-tip restaurant would also benefit the cook and support staff.

So is Tri-Cities ready for a no-tip restaurant? would you go to a restaurant that had a no-tip policy? would a no-tip restaurant even work in the Tri-Cities?

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