Washington State Has Held The Top Spot Since 2019

As a true Washingtonian, I love our state and a recent nationwide report has Washington State rated #1 out of 50 for a myriad of reasons.

Photo by Chad Peltola on Unsplash
Photo by Chad Peltola on Unsplash

Minnesota and Utah Are #2 and #3 On Nationwide Ranking List

I've lived in a lot of different states in my life but having been born and raised in Washington, there's something about the Evergreen State that keeps bringing me back.

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A recent U.S. News & World Report survey once again has Washington State at the top of the rankings.

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Washington State has held the top spot since 2019 and continues to score high in several areas of commerce.

The office of the Governer posted up the findings and here are a few key areas on why Washington State continues to exceed expectations in the state rankings:

The publication annually ranks all 50 states across a myriad of categories, such as health care, opportunity, the economy and education. Washington ranked first for broadband access and GDP growth, as well as tying for first for government credit rating score and ranking in the top ten of five other categories.

It's easy to be negative but Washington State continues to lead the nation in several areas.

Governor Inslee was quoted as:

“I am so happy for the people of Washington to take home this honor again. It takes all 7.6 million of us to make this state the dynamic place it truly is. Washingtonians are motivated to lead and innovate in all aspects of our society, in labor, business, education, health, and so much more, it was that same spirit that helped us bounce back from being the first state in the nation hit by COVID-19, and we are on our way to a robust recovery because of our unique attributes.”

It's easy to be cranky about gas prices and inflation and for good reason but Washington State continues to be a great place to live.

tsi media center
tsi media center

You can read more details about the ranking and report here.

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