Hermiston kid giving clowns a bad wrap!!

Here is Press release from the Hermiston police department:

"On the 6th of October 2016, at approximately 9AM, a Hermiston Police Department School Resource Officer was made aware of a social media thread being circulated where a threat of gun violence was made to students at Sandstone Middle School.

After interviewing several students, a 12 year old Hermiston male was taken into custody around 1:15PM and charged with Disorderly Conduct in the First Degree.  The juvenile was later lodged at the detention facility in Pendleton"


What we know is the following:

  • A fictitious account/profile was created on Instagram under the following name: 0
  • A picture of a clown was used as the profile picture
  • A message about shooting up the school was then sent to more than one student starting around 11PM on 10/05/16
    • The message was then shared numerous times on social media 

“The flow of information from the school administration to our officer was phenomenal.  Our officer was able to piece this entire incident together and identify the 12 year old as the person behind the message.  We have no information of any past problems with this student and we believe this unfortunate decision to be an isolated incident spurred by the national phenomenon taking place.”


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