A new Hermiston cookie shop has opened and it's offering up HUGE cookies! The new venture is called Dough Cookies and they just had their grand opening on Saturday.

Dough Cookies is a name known to Hermiston residents since 2019 for their delivery service but now Dough Cookies has a brand-new storefront at 405 North Street.

What makes Dough Cookies the place to check out is the size of their cookies!

An average cookie for them is 6 oz which is three times the size of a normal cookie.

I think we are going to need a big ole glass of milk with those cookies.

credit: dough cookies facebook
credit: dough cookies facebook

The pandemic has shuttered the delivery service for now but you can pick up your cookies and cupcakes and other treats at the store from Tuesday-Saturday from 11 AM-7 PM.

The store is a brainchild of sister-in-laws Kylee Ransom and Stephanie Thompson that started the company as a delivery service in 2019.

The cool thing is that the sister's even give you the recipes for their creations on their Facebook page.

You can check out all of those recipes and more about Dough Cookies right here and you can check even more details on their grand opening here.

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