We've been making national news lately because of our speeders. The first one was a speeder outside of Hanford and now a motorcyclist has been clocked and ticketed for going 140 MPH!

The incident happened on Sunday, September 27th at about 7 am. The incident report was described as such on the Facebook page of the Umatilla/Morrow County Watch.
Morrow County Sheri Deputy Tanner Cooney radioed dispatch he was conducting a traffic stop on Westbound I-84 near Milepost 168.
The motorcyclist however had other ideas and kept going. Deputy Cooney called in pursuit. It lasted about 3 miles with the motorcyclist stopping at the 165 Exit.
Donald Paul Christman, a 55-year-old male from Hermiston, was issued a traffic citation for 140 mph in a 70 mph zone and Driving Outside Restrictions and a Criminal Citation for Reckless Driving.
I think we are guilty at times of speeding but I couldn't imagine flying down the road at 140 MPH. I think the fastest I've gone is a 100 and even I was a little scared at the speed.
Trust me, I've seen a motorcyclist get in a bad accident because they sped past me and went around a blind corner and got hit. I almost ran over them when I came around the corner so it's a reminder to slow it down - at those kinds of speeds, a rock could be deadly.
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