I don't know about you, but I'm concerned. As of this writing, we're at 108 degrees in Richland. The extreme heat has shut down the CBC-West Test Site on Friday. The site plans to open Saturday at 8:30 am, but is subject to early closure if deemed too hot for the safety of workers and the community.

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According to a report from our news partners at KNDU, events with the Tri-Cities Cancer Center and Kadlec Medical Center have both been SHUT DOWN due to high Covid-19 numbers. Both fundraising events have been rescheduled for October 8th.

On top of these events being rescheduled, there's also a report from KNDU that the Yakima Health District plans to close down the Community Vaccination Center.

UPDATE from the Benton Franklin Health District:

It's my hope that your question of "Does getting vaccinated help?" was answered in the above post.

I've been vaccinated for a while, now. Do I want to mask up?  NO! I was excited to see Richland back to normal with the "Art In The Park" event. I served lemonade and kettle corn at a booth. I didn't wear a mask. It was freeing to interact with people. I do wonder how many people I may have come across who were NOT vaccinated. Can I be harmed? I've had both Moderna shots.

If you have the opportunity to get vaccinated, please do so. Or, if you choose NOT to, please wear a mask.

The bottom line, BE RESPONSIBLE.

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