Palouse Falls State Park is closed again to find the body of a missing hiker after falling to his death at the popular natural attraction in Franklin County.

A 26 year old student from Pullman died yesterday after falling from the trail above the falls around 100 feet into the water below, not to resurface.

The now missing student has been identified as Noble Stoneman, an active electrical engineering student at Washington State University. According to Sheriff Jim Raymond, Stoneman also has ties to the city of Kennewick.

Officials have called off the search for now saying the water conditions are too dangerous, according to reports.

This is the 4th death at Palouse Falls in the last 3 years, and now officials want to review the safety of the park.

A Colville man died at the falls less then 3 weeks ago and a full review about the safety of the park was set up after that incident. There is no word when the review will be completed.

The Palouse Falls has seen a huge surge in popularity since it was named the state waterfall in 2014. The yearly visitors increased from 46,000 visitors to well over 200,000 now per year.

James Hopkins a 23 year old from Lake Stevens that drowned while swimming in the falls in 2016 was the first to die in the last 4 years. The other, 25 year old Cade Prophet from Spokane, died while hiking and fell into the river above the falls during Memorial Day weekend last year.

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