Holy Hot Brakes Batman! a trailer fire on I-90 sent the Moses Lake Fire Department into action!

Like the brave superheroes they are, The Moses Lake Fire Department sprung into action when they got a call about a tractor/trailer fire on I-90.

According to the Moses Lake Fire Fighters Facebook page, hot brakes were the cause of a trailer fire on I-90.

Here is the report as filed by the Moses Lake Fire Department:

Moses Lake Firefighters were dispatched to reports of a vehicle fire near the 174 milepost of Eastbound I-90.

Upon arriving on the scene, Engine 1 made a quick knockdown of the fire and assisted the Washington State Patrol and the vehicle operator with offloading machinery and ensuring the vehicle could safely make it off of the highway.

They may not wear capes to work but they might as well. The courageous heroes of the Moses Lake Fire Department are our unsung heroes. We know when we least expect it, they'll come running to the rescue if things go awry!

Great job to the Moses Lake Fire Department, it shows that even a little smoke could turn deadly so thanks to all involved for getting this fire put out fast and quickly.

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