And...Not only do I have the smartest kitty-cat. I have the stinkiest cat in all of Tri-Cities. Yuck! Not an honor I want. Hubby Jeff and I adopted Patches from the Benton Franklin Humane Society back in 2020.

Patches had three homes prior to us taking her in. We knew it was going to be a trying time to get her acclimated to our already active home. When Patches arrived, she immediately hid under the bed. And, she hid for months. Several months. A year later, she eventually, would come out to visit me, while I was watching tv.

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Last week, I smelled something foul on my bed blankets. THIS is CAT URINE. CAT PEE. You cannot mistake it for anything else. I tossed the comforter in the garbage. Now what? I changed the sheets and banned Patches, who we've started calling Peaches, Peach for short. We are disappointed with her behavior but haven't seen her in the act.

We've come across many spots. We take care of them. I called a local vet and had an appointment for today. Unfortunately, Peach was on to me. She immediately hid under the guest bed. I tried coaxing her out with treats.

Hubby Jeff and I chased her around the living room several times over. How do you catch this cat?

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Patti Banner

She's currently under this fireplace deal. My hope is to get her out and into this box, with her favorite blankets. Do I have a chance?

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Help! I need to get this cat to the vet ASAP!! Do you have ANY advice?

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