Many health officials believe alcohol is the most abused drug in America. It may be hard to help someone who you think may have a drinking problem, especially when they don’t think so. If their drinking is causing problems in their life then you’re right. Although easy, it does not help to ignore the problem. They need some help to fix this.

One of the best things to do first is to educate yourself on how the alcohol is affecting that person and their family and friends. Over 90% of people who go through an intervention make a commitment to get help. The intervention process includes professionally directed education for the family friends and the alcoholic. Although this is more formal you can also do things on your own to help the person become aware of their problem.

Friends and family members will have an easier time since you know more about them and therefore can find a strategy that will best help them overcome their problem. Being persistent and straight forward will help them come to terms with their problem.

Make sure to talk to this person when they are clear headed and sober. One good time to do this may be when they are in remorse after a night of too much alcohol. You need to start off by letting them know your concern in a caring and honest way. Once they come to terms with their problem you should keep up with them to make sure they are following through with a strategy to overcome their problem and not relapsing.

You need support yourself. When you’re dealing with a loved one who has a drinking problem, you can seek comfort from others going through the same thing.

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