Okay, let me tell you right upfront, it's gonna cost $20 for the season, but here's the deal...

My wife and I came late to the Yellowstone party last year. We bought Season 1 for $20 on Amazon Prime and ended up loving it so much we quickly bought Seasons 2 & 3.

BUT...I thought you had to wait until the season was over to buy #4...you don't! You can buy Season 4 right now on Amazon Prime, and watch new episodes every week just like the folks who have cable and the Paramount network...but you have to wait until it airs there first, then it's available to you. A good deal if you ask me because I'm not doing cable ever again.

MORE GOOD NEWS: The prequel to Yellowstone starring Tim McGraw and Faith Hill called "1883", will be on the Paramount+ app in December. Paramount+ is different than the Paramount Network. There is a monthly fee of (I think) $8 for Paramount +, but I like the programming and the addition of 1883 makes it worth it to me.

Now check out the official theme music for Yellowstone in all its glory!


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