I had a work lunch today at 3 Eyed Fish Wine Bar!  I of course didn't get to have any wine because I was working. But, I did notice they have a preservation box, so you can order by the glass even some of the higher end wines like Leonetti.

The food was amazing! I had a Tomato Basil soup, that honestly was to die for! And a Gingham Salad that was heavenly.

I also tasted the Salmon Crostini Plank that was spectacular! And also tasted the homemade baked Chips! Yum!

Really good food! And I was surprised that the food was really affordable!

I did a little investigating and found Happy Hour Specials are from 4-6pm Daily.

3 Eyed Fish is located on Keene Rd in Richland and I understand they also have one at the Pasco Airport.

I like to support small locally owned business's so thought I'd share the info!

Check it out sometime! I think you'll like it!